Babydo​ll Breed Standard

HEAD - Wide and level between the ears, with no sign of a dark poll.

MUZZLE AND FACE - Full, not too long from eyes to nose. The fleece and hair on the muzzle should be even coloured from very light tan to cinnamon or mousey grey, ideally covering the entire muzzle, extending from the corners of the mouth to a rounded point between the eyes. The fleece should not be so long as to obstruct vision.

EYES - Large and bright.

EARS - Set level with the head and of medium size, covered with short wool.

NECK - Wide at base, short, strong and well set on shoulder.

LEGS - Forelegs should be short and well placed at the corners. Hindlegs should be short, full and well let down. Lower leg fleece colour is similar to muzzle colour and extending from the feet to the knees where it meets the body fleece.

SHOULDERS - Well laid into the ribs and level to the back. The width at the shoulders should be less than the width at the hips to facilitate easy lambing.

BACK - Level from shoulder to tail with only a slight slope of the croup. Overall body length should be slightly longer than tall.

CHEST - Wide and deep.

LOIN - Long, wide and thick

RIBS - Deep and wide, thick through the heart girth and well sprung.

RUMP - Wide and of medium length with only a slight slope of the croup.

TAIL - Wide and set high on a line almost level with the topline when standing in a natural alert stance.

HIND SADDLE - Full and well-muscled, with a deep wide muscling through the twist and legs.

SKIN - A healthy pink.

HEIGHT - All measurements are taken at the highest point of the middle of the shoulder and perpendicular to the ground on a shorn sheep. Adult sheep should be between 45cm and 61cm.

FLEECE – Fine, tight and dense, with a medium to medium-fine, soft and springy crimp.

RAMS – Rams should look more masculine and are usually larger than ewes. They must have both testicles descended.

EWES – Ewes should have a broad, well attached but not pendulous udder with two teats.